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Providing Towing & Recovery Services Since 1946
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                   Providing Towing & Recovery Services Since 1946                         

Bellevue & Redmond Locations

Add some convenience to your day with the prompt towing services from Ibsen Towing. Ibsen Towing is your first choice for roadside assistance. To request our services, contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to receive a prompt response from one of our towing experts.

Your #1 Source for Local Towing Services
Ibsen Towing is a private, locally-owned towing company that offers efficient roadside assistance services throughout the Bellevue, Redmond and Greater Eastside Communities. You can also turn to us for vehicle impounding assistance and parking garage extraction services as well.

Special Offer, Towing Company in Bellevue, WA

Why Choose Ibsen Towing?
• Courteous People
• Prompt Service
• Exceptional Care
• Competitive Rates
• Insured & Registered
• Locally Owned

The Best Towing Services in the Area
When you call Ibsen Towing, you can rest assured that a uniformed, licensed, insured, and trained driver will be ready to assist you and respond to your call quickly. Our fleet of trucks are serviced daily to ensure that we are always prepared to safely assist you in any and all situations. Our drivers have all completed training and are certified through the Towing and Recovery Association of Washington (TRAW).

Towing Certifications
Ibsen Towing has been serving the Greater Eastside since 1946. We are Washington state registered tow truck operators 5051 (Bellevue) and 5364 (Redmond) operating under and by the authority of the Washington State Department of Licensing and the Washington State Patrol under RCW 46.55.

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